Which website is best for earning money without investment?

Which website is best for earning money without investment
Which website is best for earning money without investment

if you’re tired of waiting and want to start making money online instantly in this article is for you i’m going to show you a completely free app

that will pay you for simply clicking on emails all you have to do is sign up for a free account they will then begin sending you emails in which you will be compensated simply for clicking on them this is why it will be ideal for those who have never previously earned money online this does not actually require any prior experience or skills

you won’t have to invest anything and no credit card information is required this works in a variety of countries including india pakistan the philippines the united states canada bangladesh nigeria the united kingdom and south africa however most users make one simple mistake and as a result they are unable to make any money and the app does not work for them so if you want to learn how to avoid that mistake and make this work for you watch the video all the way through before we get started welcome to genuine dollar where we show you how to make money online in the most simplistic way possible make sure

how to make money online and you can get started i’m curious as to where my viewers come from so please tell me your country in the comments section so that i can make videos that everyone can benefit from an email address is the first thing you’ll need to make money online by simply clicking on emails i’m assuming that everyone has at least one email address but if you don’t you can use gmail yahoo outlook or any other email service please proceed to the next section of the video if you already have an email address if you have a smartphone go to the google play store and download the gmail app if you are using a computer or a laptop

you can simply go to gmail.com and sign up for a free account the first step is to create an email address it can be any email service provider as you can see you can sign up by simply entering your first and last names as well as creating a unique username and password you can visit this website after you have created an email address for free if you have any doubts about this website let me just show you one thing this is proof of earnings as you can see this website pays people from all over the world on a daily basis another advantage is that they are getting paid instantly now is the time to pay attention until the end of the video i’ll show you
which mistakes to avoid if you want to start making money for real if you just go to this website and try to figure it out on your own you’ll almost certainly make a mistake this will either not work for you or will take a long time for you to figure out what needs to be done so i think it’s much better if you just stay with me it’ll be a lot of fun and by the end of this video you’ll be ready to start earning money and getting paid right away so this is a clicksgenie.com website that we’re talking about now go to clicksgenie.com right here as you can see get paid to read emails and you can make up to 0.042 for every email you click on so if you click once you get paid you click again you get paid and so on as you can see friendly interface clicks genie is very easy to use with a lean and friendly interface multiple earning options you earn money from reading emails at your own pace

you earn even more by inviting your friends multiple levels commission you can earn more for every active referral you get up to five levels deep up to 320 secure clicks genie is safe and secure to use because they use two-factor authentication clicks genie also uses 256-bit ssl encryption to protect your data transparent all your earnings can be tracked and verified inside your account area super fast clicks genie site loads in less than one second clicks guinness is mobile friendly and super fast as i already said your payments are instant every time all payments on clicks genie are instant if you request a payout you’re paid in minutes this is very good because no

Proven Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

website pays you instantly as far as i know you don’t have to wait until you earn ten dollars or something like that you can withdraw as low as one cent the minimum payout is one cent they also have multiple payment options you can get paid through bitcoin or perfect money instantly this website is trustworthy because they have a total of forty 46 000 plus users so but before i go to the next method if you guys enjoy this video which i put a lot of time and effort into making i’d really appreciate it if

how to make even more money online by doing simple and easy tasks so basically all you have to do is go to clicks genie.com and click here to register so that you can make a completely free account now all you have to do is type in your user name so come up with something original enter a unique user name here then your email address either the one you created previously or one you already have it doesn’t matter but that’ll be the one where you’ll receive emails from clicksgenie and all you have to do is click on the email to get paid right away so

just type in your email address and create a password make something original and then confirm by typing the same password again after that all you have to do is accept their terms of service and their privacy policy both of which can be found here if you’d like to receive marketing communications from them check this box and click register as soon as you’ve done so a clicks genie email will be sent to you to activate your account you must first open your email account and then click on this link right here as you can see the operation was a success you will now be redirected to the login page where you can simply log into your account so this is how the brand new

account will appear you’ll be able to keep track of your earnings right here and once you’ve made some money you’ll be able to withdraw it by clicking the withdrawal button so all you have to do is click withdraw and you’ll be paid right away if you have any friends who would benefit from this or who would like to make money online you can get your referral link by clicking here simply click copy and your referral link will be copied you can send it to some of your friends and if they sign up for the clicks genie you’ll earn money from it as well so while you’re on clicksgenie you can earn some extra money for free now here’s the most important part and the mistake that most users make when they

first visit clicks genie they simply register then go to their account and activate it then they simply sit and wait to begin earning money but they will not begin earning money unless they return to their original email address you must return to your gmail or yahoo outlook email account and log in to see the second email from clicksgenie this is critical because if you don’t follow these steps you will almost certainly fail to make any money

right here you must click on the nine dots once you’ve done that you’ll be able to find contacts right here when you click contacts you’ll be taken to a new page where you can view your google contacts create a contact can now be found on the left hand side if you want to make money from this it’s critical that you follow these tabs we’ll need to enter their first name now that we’ve created a contact clicks will be their first name and genie will be their second so i’m going to type in genie right now and then you can add the company name if you want and then their email address

you will copy and paste their email address which you can find right here on clicksgenie.com if you want you can now enter their phone number if not simply leave it blank and click save that is all there is to it they will now begin sending you emails and all you have to do is click on the emails to be paid on clicksgenie you can keep track of your earnings this is a brand new account which is why it says zero but once i start receiving emails and clicking on them i will be paid right here and i will be able to withdraw my money immediately if you’re wondering why they’re paying you so well it’s because when they send you an email it’s almost certainly going to be an ad and they’re basically just splitting the ad revenue with you so both of you will profit so it’s a win-win situation that’s also pretty brilliant so that’s how you can get paid instantly from your phone install the clicks genie install gmail sign up for absolutely free


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