How To Pin A Facebook Post In A Group 2021

How To Pin A Facebook Post In A Group 2021
How To Pin A Facebook Post In A Group 2021

In this In This Article I’m going to show  how you pin a Facebook post in a group. 
Let’s go. Okay, so here’s what you need to  do you need to go to Facebook, then you select 
the group where you want to have a pinned post.  And Facebook has relatively recently, about 
six months ago, they changed quite a few  things. So pinned posts appear like that at 
the top of your group you’re going to have  

announcements like that. And you know, here are the pinned posts that you have. So you used to be able to have just one pinned post now you can have several, they all appear here. Okay. So how do  you do that? You actually write a post just like you would do you create an ordinary post, okay. Once you’ve written your post, you click Post, and it’s just going to post it inside your group. Then  

you go to the post, you click these three little dots, and you click here pin announcements. And that is now going to add the this post here. As you can see, it’s in announcements. So when people arrive into the group, they’re going to see this first with all the pinned posts

you can put  as many as you like. And they could also obviously click on here and that is where they would find  these these pin posts which are announcements. There’s no other way of doing it, you can’t have just a pin post without it being an announcement. You know, when you when you pin a post,  

it’s automatically turned into an announcement. I hope this makes sense. So that was easy, wasn’t  it? Pinning a post in a Facebook group is going to make it way easier for the members of your group  to know you know to get the essential information fast. So I highly recommend you do this.  You might also want to create guides I have a video that teaches you how to do that.  All these little things make a big difference to how pleasant the experience is for the members of your group. Now if you enjoyed this Article

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