Why You Are Not Getting Redbubble Sales

Why You Are Not Getting Redbubble Sales
Why You Are Not Getting Redbubble Sales

in this Article i’m gonna be talking about the excuses people like to give themselves when it comes to not working on redbubble i make print-on-demand content to both motivate and to give you guys tips and tricks on how you can improve your print and demand shop now if you are new around here and you haven’t already please do take a moment to click that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell that way you won’t miss out on any new videos and we have actually helped a lot of people to get their first online sales so you can be a part of that too nevertheless

if you’re looking for extra information down in the description i have a free print and demand starter guide and for anyone looking to make this into more of a full-time thing i also have a pay step-by-step guide that’s linked down in the description so today we’ll be talking about red bubble excuses and when I say excuses I’m talking about the excuses people have been giving me as to why they’ve not started red bubble yet and some of the excuses people give me when it comes to them not being able to work as hard as they possibly can to actually increase their chances of being successful with redbubble

this video is very important because like i said at the start it aims to help you guys to step up your game and to show you that really for the most part your excuses 95 of the time are pretty much untrue and at the end of the day they can be debunked i’m not trying to offend anyone in this video so do not take offense just keep in mind it’s to help you guys out now jumping straight into it we’re gonna start off with the first excuse that a lot of people give me when it comes to redbubble and print on demand in general now they tell me that they don’t have time the same people that would tell me that they don’t have time you could probably catch them a few times during the day scrolling on their phones just looking at random things that time that spent just scrolling through your phone can build up to up to an hour or even more and if you was to take an hour to implement some simple ideas you could potentially end up creating maybe 10 to 30 designs depending on the way that

you’re creating designs and i say that mainly because if you have you know complicated ideas maybe you might not be able to make a lot of designs but if you have one design idea that’s scalable you can literally scale it to 30 different design s within the space of an hour now if you are one of those people that says to themselves oh i never have enough time to start red bubble ask yourself how much time you’re spending scrolling through your phone or doing things that aren’t actually helping you to progress in any way because those things can always be sacrificed to put time towards something that can actually allow you to progress whether that’s learning how to make money online or maybe even increasing

Your design skills the next excuse i tend to see quite a lot of is people saying i can’t make designs now in this day and age and with the amount of tools that are available to you guys this is no longer true it’s very very easy to make designs in fact that show you how you can design on your phone how you can actually use free websites that allow you to create simple designs so you can actually start making designs because at the end of the day when it comes to print on demand especially redbubble people have gotten sales from designs that are very very simple in fact just to give you guys a quick example i’ve just gone on to the first page of red bubble in terms of things that pop up and there’s a design here that says sorry i’m late i didn’t want to come

Why You Are Not Getting Redbubble Sales

anyone can simply make that there are other designs that are very simple to make that are just text-based designs that you guys can easily make things like this and like i said i’ve got some tutorials down in the description that will show you how you can make simple text-based designs with free programs you can use either on your computer or even on your phone next a lot of people are always telling me that they don’t know what to design now i understand how this could be a problem i mean once upon a time i was at a point when i was starting with print on demand my self and it was hard to kind of come up with ideas but in this day and age and with a lot of the free tools and things that have been implemented into sites that red bubble

you can find out where to get ideas what to design fairly easily for those that watch my videos quite a lot i may be repeating myself here but there’s a simple technique that allows you to get ideas if you jump on redbubble and you go on the search bar and type a you will be shown keywords that are trending for the letter a what i usually tend to say with these first set of keywords there’s a lot of people spam tagging so if you then write another letter after that you suggested a few other things and let’s say i click on this a b c d rock there’s only 206 results the competition is very low it’s a play on ac dc which is a band but as long as you’re not putting ac dc in your tags or your title

you should be okay but straight away as you can see the competition here is very low and straight away for those people that are saying they don’t know what to design red bubble will give you ideas you can go from an all the way to zed searching through seeing what pops up once again if you don’t want to go with the first thing that pops up you can always type a letter next to the first letter so in this instance let’s say we have z if i put i or something you know other things pop up that may be trending and you can get ideas that way so not being able to come up with ideas should be a thing of the past once again i’ll link a video down in the description that will talk you through various ways of how you guys can find even more ideas if you’re still struggling now this is a big excuse i see a lot of people saying so a lot of people say i get no cells so why should

i even bother with red bubble now the reason you should bother is because you have not yet figured out what works for you if you’re putting up designs and nothing is selling it means that you are not using effective techniques and maybe you’re just putting random things you’re not looking at the competition you’re not looking to see whether your designs stand out and you’re not looking to see whether you’re creating for something that’s currently trending there’s so many factors that you guys need to look at before you think to yourself oh because i have no sales i’m gonna give up i understand that red bubble could be a challenge at first but if you have no sales ask yourself have you yet hit a hundred designs do your designs stand out so do they actually make people want to click them and are you in niches that have low competition because at the end of the day if there’s thousands hundred thousands or even millions of people in the same niche as you if you’re just uploading people may never be able to see your design so you want to be finding niches with a thousand or less results making designs for them and then

actively improving over time and you should be able to see sales if you have no sales do not get the why bother mentality push through make it happen because at the end of the day it’s in your control so the last excuse i’m gonna go into for this video is people saying i don’t have a laptop now i’ve seen this a couple of times not too many times but some people do actually talk about the fact that they don’t have a computer so they feel that it hinders them but when it comes to redbubble print on demand in general with most sites you can actually make designs on your phone and upload from your phone if you do happen to be a phone designer and you’re looking for ideas on how you can design on your phone for you guys that shows you how you can make designs effectively on your phone for completely free but yeah this isn’t an excuse if you’ve got a phone you can make designed trust me it’s very very easy but yeah guys i think i’ll leave this video here i hope i debunked some of these excuses that people have if you’re watching this and you’re one of these people that have similar excuses you might as

well take them now and go over and put them in the bin because they’re out of date your excuses don’t matter find a way to make it happen and get to where you want to get to because the reason you’re probably struggling now and you’re not where you want to get to is lack of knowledge


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