How to earn money online without investment and Copy Paste work

How to earn money online without investment and Copy Paste work
How to earn money online without investment and Copy Paste work

in this article i will show you how to make money online using the free google trick which is one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2021

all you want to do is read this article and follow the steps to earn this pure passive income again and again the best thing is that this method is completely free and available all over the world if you don’t follow all the steps and pay close attention you may not make any money at all so please pay very close attention to the end of the video now the website which will help us make money online is known as

google news is a news aggregator service developed by google which brings together the latest news articles from various publications from all around the world you can see all of these different categories on the left-hand side including your country world news local news and business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and health

if you click on business right here you’ll find all of the most recent business news whether it’s from your own country or from around the world this news will update every couple of hours and new articles will be published on a specific topic which in this case will be business as you can see right here all these articles are posted only a few hours back so you can open any of these articles and use them to make money online for example we’re going to use this one how a billion dollar farm tech startup stumbled then revamped all we have to do now is click on this particular article and that will bring us to

this page as you can see this is the entire article that you can use to make money and i’ll show you how to do it now i’m just going to copy two sentences from this article to show you an example of how this works and how you can profit from articles on google news the second website that we will be using today is called is a free online tool that will professionally

Rewrite those articles for you as a result you can use them to make money online for free over and over again so all you have to do now is paste your article into this box and click paraphrase it will completely rewrite the article the best part is that it’s all done for you at no cost so on the left we have the original article and on the right we have the reworked article which is now unique and ready to use with a single click of a button

i can now copy this rewritten article and use it to make money online and you can do the same thing with all of the articles from various categories that are available in google news which come in every couple of hours giving you thousands upon thousands of articles to choose from each of which can make you money again and again now that we have our own article there are two different ways you can make money with these articles the first one will not make you a lot of money but the second one can make you thousands of dollars and it has already made tens of thousands of dollars for people all over the world the first method is to use

which is a website that allows you to make money online collaborates with major corporations such as yoast staples ebay and others this platform will compensate you for the articles you write of course you won’t have to write those articles yourself because as i just demonstrated you can have them written for you for free with a single click of a button using a simple google trick for making money online all you have to do now is go to and click on the i write content button text brokers registration is completely free and

you can start earning money right away by writing various articles you can now calculate how much money you will make by going to the payment section right here and clicking on more information as you can see you will earn fifty for 1000 words on google news you can literally find a lot of articles that are 1000 words long as a result the higher the earnings the longer the article is you will earn more money if your article is longer and better so if you write 12000 words you could earn up to 600 the best part is that you can repeat the process however keep in mind that

this method will not earn you nearly as much money as the second method of earning money with free articles to get started with text broker simply click on free author registration right here create an account for free and begin earning money from your articles the second way you can profit from those free articles is to use freelancing websites such as and others so if you go to and type in article writing you’ll see all of these different people

who are making money by writing simple articles but because they are doing it themselves they are doing it the hard way as a result writing those articles takes a lot more time and effort customers on the other hand hate being willing to wait and since you can deliver those articles almost instantly you will be 10 steps ahead of all your competitors in that way you’ll earn more money compared to them and you can see that it works for example this person offered this service for 70 and received

300 sales resulting in a profit of nearly 21000 this person charges 35 and has received over 133 sales this person charges 30 and has received 190 sales and so on these are all examples of how it works these individuals are all earning tens of thousands of dollars by writing simple articles and that’s just on one freelancing site fiverr which is extremely competitive as a result i strongly advise you to use the other freelancing websites as well and as i mentioned earlier

in this article you have a variety of fiber options you will be able to maximize your earnings by using as many freelancing websites as possible this method is extremely easy to use and completely free the best part is that it works anywhere on the planet that’s all there is to it that’s how you make money online with the free google trick


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